Calypso: Themes for the Families

Location: Limoges, Canada

Cost:  Day passes are $34 for “tall” (1.32 metres and over), and $27 for the “Small” (under 1.32 metres), with the same cost for seniors.


View from the Summit Tower.

Very recent on the Canadian stage, Calypso (only 20 minutes away from Ottawa) opened its doors with a splash in 2010. Born as the country’s largest water park, focus is placed on its thematic qualities to attract families from all over North America, as it tries its best to distinguish itself from the lot.

Calypso’s aquatic section covers over 100 acres, including more than 35 waterslides and 100 water games, as well as the country’s largest wave pool. Having already won several awards in regards to the quality of their installations, there are very few reasons not to enjoy a family day here!

Main reasons to go:

There are many reasons why Canadians, or any tourist in the Ottawa region, for that matter, should spend a day at this water park. The rides are incredibly fun while the decors, which go along with the various “mystical” themes, such as that of the water goddess after which the park is named.




People tend to complain most about the 8$ parking fee (imposed by the Village Vacances Valcartier owner to repay their investment of $50 million) and incredibly long lines when the sun shines (particularly if you didn’t buy your tickets online!).

Family friendly:

On July 18, 2012, Calypso welcomed its millionth visitor, a typical family from L’Assomption, showing what kind of clientele the park attracts. As a “Theme Waterpark,” Calypso is particularly targets families with younger children: “Every inch of this place is injected with fun. No, we haven’t forgotten our smallest friends, toddlers; we have a safe heaven for you, too,” reads the park’s Presentation page.


Pirate’s Aquaplay, an unavoidable family-oriented water park attraction.

Rides such as Jungle Challenge, Zoo Lagoon and Pirate’s Aquaplay are all perfect for those under 8 years of age, while the Turbo Lab, Summit Tower, and Boomerango are all perfect for the teens and families in search of extreme.


The Boomerango is one of Calypso’s most appreciated group slide.

Latest Ride:

News information about Calypso is difficult to find—especially on their website. According to Wikipedia, the park will open a second thematic lazy river, called Kongo, whose total cost will be of $6 million (the water park’s website makes a small reference to the upcoming ride while promoting its 2013 Season Pass).


Calypso’s current lazy river, Jungle Run.

2013 Schedule:  Season begins June 6 and ends Sept. 2; open 7 days a week rain or shine including holidays, usually from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.




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