Sunway Lagoon: The Perfect Oasis

Location: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Cost: 90 per adult (approximately CAD $30) and RM 65 per child (approx. $21) when bought online.

Malaysia’s biggest water park, situated in the middle of the city of Petaling Jaya (which is a satellite township of Kuala Lumpur, the country’s capital), looks like the modern Asian oasis.  With promising new attractions, this park can assuredly impress any visitor—wherever they come from.


Sunway Lagoon’s amphitheatre. Photo from

Main reasons to go:

Mainly know for its Surf Beach, which is said to be the “World’s Largest Man-Made Surf Beach,” in turn powered by one of the world’s largest wave machines (capable of producing waves of up to 8 feet high) this attraction is good for everything from learning how to surf to playing beach volleyball. In the background of the beach is an impressive 75 feet high volcano, “Asia’s Highest Man-Made Erupting Volcano,” according to the park’s website.


View of Surf Beach and its volcano. Picture from

Family friendly:

Divided into three distinct thematic areas, namely those of World of Adventure, Waters of Africa and Wild Wild West, the park bound to please families who wish to find everything in one place, as the water park is accompanied by the Amusement, Extreme, Scream, and Wildlife parks. Simply from these categories, it seems evident that Sunway Group sought to please all age categories.

Latest Rides:

The latest at Sunway Lagoon is the world’s first Waterplexx 5D, which consists of an interactive cinema experience. Released last November, viewers not only see a first-person journey, usually in the form of a 10 minute 3D waterslide ride through various thematic decors, but also get to “feel” it. Sitting on motion seats, “wind, fog, lasers, ambient lightning and water” will assure that “you experience a sensory overload.”

(Bummer)Although the concept of sensory cinema sounds most promising, one has to wonder why people going to a water park, with real waterslides, would prefer a virtual experience over the real one. Before judging on this, however, one needs to try it! In the videos put online by the company, people seem to enjoy themselves while their seats move around, rain falls upon them, and bubble walls change colour.


The room fits 36 people, ready to be shaken and soaked. Photo from

Finally, the Lagoon promises another incredible attraction, which should open next March, called the Vuvuzela. Already dubbed to me the “World’s largest waterslide,” this 11 storey high vortex will propel your raft at the speed if 13 metre/sec.  With a 22 meter high core, the water park claims that you will “experience 4 near vertical oscillations before exiting the flume in one final splashtacular plunge!”


A promotional picture from Sunway Lagoon’s Facebook page promises frightening virtual sea creatures (bound to make you smile!) in addition to showing what the Vuvuzela will look like.




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