Tropical Islands Resort: Where WWII and Water Relaxation Meet

Location: Krausnick, Germany

Cost:  €32 per adult (€27 for a reduced cost—less attractions) and €24.50 per child.


Overall shot of the resort.

This place has nothing to do with your typical water park. In fact, some would be reluctant to even call it that! But there are many things which make Tropical Islands Resort worth a visit—or more than one.

Perhaps it would be best to start with the incredible: the resort is situated in an airship hangar, the largest free-standing hall in the world, built by Nazi Germany in the Second World War—nothing less! Situated in the state of Brandenburg, in the North-East of Germany, the dome therefore provides for the biggest tropical sauna complex in Europe (or simply the largest indoor rainforest, with carnivorous plants and all).

FNL-4831011 - © - euroluftbild de

View of the resort, located in the former CargoLifter airship hangar.

Main reasons to go:


Seriously, there are many reasons, beginning with the saunas, which not only include “crystal steam bath, stone sauna, tree sauna, herbal sweat lodge, ice fountain, misty grotto, whirlpools and vitality showers,” but are also decorated to resemble UNESCO World heritage Sites from South-East Asia, including the famous Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat (Wikipedia).


Tropical Islands Lodge offers many on-site lodging opportunities in various styles.

With lodging, daycares, a camping site (on Paradise Beach, nothing less), this 24 hour open resort has the advantages of a tropical island, minus the bugs and sea urchins. It also happens to be environmentally friendly, with its pool water being recycled to water the vegetation (not to mention some spontaneous rain showers when the accumulated condensation on the roof falls).


As previously mentioned, this is not an extensive water park dedicated to slides. Actually, the bathing area includes a 27-metre high water slide tower, with four slides attached, while the Bali Lagoon has 2 water slides in addition to whirlpools and 32 °C (90 °F) water.


View from the water slide tower.

Contrary to a bummer, these slides are said to be “surprisingly fast and the absence of lifeguards makes for a chaotic and extra fun experience.” Some even describe the experience as being terrifying, for there seem to be no way of slowing down—but then “everybody survives with a smile” (The Theme Park Guy).

Family friendly?

In 2006, a children’s play area was added which made this spa resort much more family friendly. This, with the opportunity to camp on site, makes this resort very interesting for nearby European families, although one can wonder whether it would be best to travel to the tropics for a vacation instead of having the dome experience.


Family playing in the sand of an artificial beach.

Latest News:

In regards to Tropical Islands, there is no word about upcoming rides. The most recent news release regards a new show, called “AKOYA – Pearl of the Tropics.” Opening on Jan. 25, 2013, the spectacle is supposed to transport its audience to “the magical underwater world of the tropics, a world full of exotic colours, music and emotions” (Official Website—Press Releases). On the program are acrobatics, dancing and trampoline, all made to represent the Caribbean Sea, home to mermaids and giant turtles, of course.


Dancers performing an act for children entertainment.




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